hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Home at last

Travelled home from France at the weekend. Stopped in Calais overnight, Saturday.

Took Ron to the beach at Sangat (opposite Le Nez Blanc Restaurant). He was iin his element, found some local children who were keen to play and spent a happy 20 minutes or so 'retrieving' lumps of  seaweed and generally doing terrier-type things in the water and sand.

The meal at Le Nez Blanc was the best of the summer. Scallops and monkfish for MWNN, hot goat's cheese salad and a really fine steak for me. A coup champagne and profiteroles didn't affect the 1kg I lost during the trip.

Summary of 2010 cruise

One of the hardest and most taxing cruises in the ten years we've been in France. Lots of boat problems and really hot weather for the last two weeks took their toll on all three of us.

More pics of some of the better times to follow over the next couple of weeks.
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