hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

The virus from Hell is back with a vengeance.

Ron's eye had been giving him trouble since he'd shoved it into a bank of nettles on Sunday. Something had hurt him as he was adamant that he would not look for his ball and required human intervention. The vet diagnosed conjunctivitis.

The trip to the vet's, yesterday, should have been a short one but I decided to avail of the opportunity to put up the knitting group display in the local library.

Then there was the not-to-be-turned-down offer of lunch at The Radcliffe Arms.

All of which resulted in a decline in the physical state and a return of the cough-that-will-not-stop, the sneezing-that-depletes-boxes-of-tissues-inna-day, and the throat-full-of-razorblades.

On the plus side, I bought a lovely pure-linen skirt and little silky blouse in the 60% sale at CC.

Singing group is out of the question tonight and, probably, Sewing Class tomorrow.

Going back under the duvet now - see you on the flip side.

ETA Livejournal is being selective about which comments about which it sends notifications - apologies to any I have missed - deborahw37 none of yours ever gets notification.

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