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Thank you to



for the cards and pressies.

1. juicer - industrial strength - guaranteed 12 years
2. LOTR 2 Towers DVD
3. Narnia Lion Witch and Wardrobe DVD
4. Dinky T-towel thingy that is far too pretty to sully with dishes.
5. very sexy camisole in exactly the right size that MWNN says will not stay on more than 2 seconds if I insist in modelling it in front of him.

*minor whinge* nothing from Irish Outlaws or own daughter who is now on her way to the South China Seas for 3 week tall ships cruise. 16.00 ETA Flowers from daughter and partner arrived as I was taking a soak in the bath. Phone call at 17.00 to wish me a happy birthday and tell me that my other present would have to wait until MWNN returned from his first cat-sitting expedition as she's left it at home.

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