hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Here in France again

End of the first week back in France. The weather has been much cooler so am feeling reasonably human again. Nevertheless, the sun is out everyday and we still need to keep the boat cool.

The Good;
Met Judy and Ian on Elodie . They had a little bit of a kerfuffal because the Capitaine denied all knowledge of jennylyle's booking of a winter mooring. MWNN provided his best 'French negotiation service' and Elodie is now moored opposite Levant on the Reysouse Pontoon.

Ian is passionate about wine, (and a fellow Alsace wine-fan)having produced some pretty good Ozzie Syrah himself in his incarnation as a wine-producer.

The Bad;
Forgot all my snail-mail addresses so no postcards from France this trip peeps. It's only three weeks so not a lot will happen anyways.

We will have a short cruise up the Seille this weekend and into next week. We can't go further afield as all the canals are now closed.

We may then go by car to Alsace for a couple of days, before Ihead on over to LJ in the Loire to finish the wallhanging; (all stiching on the design is now finished)
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2003

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