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Seriously behind with the preparations for France.

Wasted 2 hours on line searching the SNCF site for trains. Can't seem to get a train direct from Pont de Vaux to Nevers for my stay with LJ at the end of September. Doesn't look as if there are any trains on Saturdyas. That can't be right. The fault lies with the website. (Not much different from going to the station and trying to book a train actually; you have to know the date time and destination stations before you enquire, but as ou don't know the options before you enquire - well you figure it out - it's that quirky French logic again.

Received both your postcards from Bordeaux willowfae Looks like a lovely village but I am not envious fo the beach, not in the least, no, not remotely. I must go down to the sea again - nope, no beach hankering going on here - nothing to see, move along.

Will be sure to drop in on Elodie if she's at Pont de Vaux jennylyle

irishnoodles I didn't get round to teaching you how to post LJ entires did I? What with all the kerfuffle over Uncle R's do and the scare over high high BP. Ah well, when I return.

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