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So, there I was, wistfully gazing lovingly at a 2.2 ltr. TDi Vectra Estate, with leather seats, climate control, CD changer and electronic almost-everything else. The Astra was in having its MOT and MWNN and I have been planning its replacement. We popped into the garage next to the MOT Testing Station, just to check out other estates. (I think that's station wagons, my American-continental friends.

What a shock then when the Astra failed its MOT and needed replacement wishbones to pass. (It's not a turkey is it? Then again perhaps it is, it's just gobbled money to the tune of £160, not counting the two new tyres it needs post haste if we are to be safe on the French motorways.)

My leather-clad dreams just disappeared. MWNN says no way are we replacing the Astra having just spent loadsamoney on it.

Thank you to my lovely German friend xxmessalinaxx for my new icon. Just what I need for the up-coming season of AtS.

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