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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Boromir died damn it OK OK it's a lo....ng time since I snoozed… 
24th-Aug-2003 05:04 pm
knitting sketch
Boromir died damn it

OK OK it's a lo....ng time since I snoozed my way through LOTR the novel, can't be expected to remember everything that happened.

Just finished watching Fellowship of the Ring Part II of the DVD (it's aiding the fall in blood pressure - honest) and logged in to check my LJ friends' Journals. Spotted that fearsclave has just rented Two Towers so checked it out on Amazon to see if I can wangle a copy for the upcoming b'day pressie. Ah, yes, I see, if I don't want the extended version,(not yet available)I can get the film at a reduced price. Off to update my wish list then.

Update on the BP. MWNN came home bearing a BP machine and, after only 3 days of the pills, it was already down to 135/95, pulse rate 80. And this morning was a reasonable 139/83 Pulse rate 64 - well within the normal range. Can I stop taking the pills now?
27th-Aug-2003 12:14 am (UTC)
Those little machines are terrific - remember when we bought one in Montbard. We don't seem to use it anymore as L's pills do the trick. J.
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