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Now THAT's more like it

The Friday knitting group had a wonderful time yesterday, lunching and knitting in the shop at Hitchin Lavender Farm

I arrived just as the Victoria sponge was being carried from the farmhouse to the shop. The barn was well heated and nine of us spent a couple of hours amid the relaxing fragrance of lavender. It was great to be cosy and warm (despite the fact that we were in a barn) and out of the freezing fog outside.

Secret Santa proved very popular, one member (a talented cook who markets her hot'n'spicy chutneys and preserves in the local posh food emporia, including the lavender farm) brought some of her home-made chocolate Eton Mess

(renamed Maya's Mess for Christmas) and some of us bought lots of goodies from the shop to add to our stocking fillers.

The group has a really nice vibe going. The members range in age from mid 20s to early 80s but it's a bit like being in a group of school friends with lots of playful ribbing (not the knitting kind, although there's some of that as well) going on as well as supportive comfort for anyone having a hard time in RL.

Quote for the Day
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. Douglas Adams

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