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You know what's good about this high blood pressure thing? I get to lie abed for a couple of days. Dogs will have to take their exercise in the garden, and me - I've just watched Part I of LOTR Fellowship of the Ring. Is that Sean Bean I spy playing Legolas?

I just loved him in Sharpe and am looking forward to seeing him with my other favourite pair of cheekbones,

in Venetian Heat when it airs next year.

Whoo-hoo - feeling sort of hot now. Did I say that lying abed was good for the blood pressure? Not when Sean Bean (thanks to mousme for putting me right on who he played) hit the screen it's not.

ETA again - I did see Sean Bean - just not playing Legolas that's all. (Couldn't keep up with all the names when I read it, what do you expect me to do when watching it? Can't turn back the pages to work out who's who now can I (well yes, technically I suppose I could rewind the DVD a bit, but that would hardly enhance the viewing.))

ETA irishnoodles tell that husband of mine not to take an earlier flight home - I'm quite all right - enjoying my enforced rest.

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