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So that explains it then.

Took my piece of batik of a scene from the myth of the Four Sons of Aymon (Quatre Fils d'Aymon)into the local art shop to have it framed and was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the cost is.

The other good for today? Made a fabulous stoneground wholemeal loaf and tucked into two slices for lunch. May have more later with dinner.

The bad for today? On the way into the art shop, I called in at the medics to book an appointment. I didn't think it wise to go back to France for three weeks with a high BP score and a recurring headache. I thought I'd have to wait until Monday, or at least tomorrow, but, no, I was seen within the hour. Result? BP is 235/113 and the GP has prescribed the pills. I join the German outlaw in Junkie land. Say hi to him for me irishnoodles

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