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Missing the conversation - yeah, truly

You know what I miss most? (Well that obviously, but . . .) The talk-as-we-walk-the-dogs conversations I have with MWNN.

So what did I accomplish today all by myself?

1. added another icon to the wallhanging - just 3 more to go and a few bits to finish on the main design.
2. housework - don't ask - battles with curtains that are unravelling their hems and insist on disappearing up the vaccum. I won though!
3. fridge re-stocked (did that last night actually)
4. Ate the last of the bara brith - yummy!
5. checked on well-being of Totkat's partner. (He's out of surgery and doing fine)
6. Snail mail to meallanmouse though she seems to have gone AWAL in an alternate dimension - be back in time to start the job or else . . . I am expecting pics to arrive any day now, courtesy of fearsclave

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