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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
RSI - and how to avoid/minimise it 
16th-Nov-2009 08:52 am
knitting devil
I had to take a few enforced days off from my knitting due to RSI. Of course, it couldn't have happened at a worse time when there are three Christmas projects on the needles. My hands and wrists are so swollen I've had to remove my rings and watch. The pain is worse in the elbows - and I don't even play tennis!

I wish I had found this article sooner.

I'm easing back into knitting with a project on large needles. I started it a couple of days ago and it's not finished yet - the part on the needles is in the 'project bag' with a wonderful cartoon MWNN found for me.

A lovely scarf designed for using just one skein in a stitch called faggot. I wonder if the designer realises the derogatory meaning of that word when naming the scarf?

Quote for the Day
A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems. Probably originates from Alfréd Rényi

16th-Nov-2009 03:53 pm (UTC)
What a pity you did not read this article years ago, you must be very careful now that you know what can happen. I often wondered why I have hard lumps on the first joint of my index fingers and the ring finger - the result of years of typing.

Love N xxx
16th-Nov-2009 04:36 pm (UTC)
I took some consolation from the article in Let's Knit magazine - featuring my knitting group

I've also bought a TENS machine that massages and heats.

16th-Nov-2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
Glad you're knitting again but take it steady

Faggot stitch and faggoting are medieval words referring to the supposed resemblence to the bonds which bind a faggot of wood together or the animal intestine used to hold a faggot or meatball together

"from Old French, perhaps from Greek phakelos bundle]

Faggot a bundle or bunch of anything; also a bundle of material, esp. wood, used for fuel. See also fascine.
Examples: faggot of compliments, 1742; of herbs, 1741; of iron or steel rods, 1640; of reeds, 1489; of rushes, 1545; of selections, 1854; of sticks; of thorns, 1398; of twigs; of utter improbabilities, 1782.

1. faggot - ornament or join (fabric) by faggot stitch; "He fagotted the blouse for his wife"
broider, embroider - decorate with needlework
2. faggot - fasten together rods of iron in order to heat or weld them
metallurgy - the science and technology of metals
tie down, tie up, truss, bind - secure with or as if with ropes; "tie down the prisoners"; "tie up the old newspapers and bring them to the recycling shed"
3. faggot - bind or tie up in or as if in a faggot; "faggot up the sticks"
faggot up, fagot
tie down, tie up, truss, bind - secure with or as if with ropes; "tie down the prisoners"; "tie up the old newspapers and bring them to the recycling shed"

Of corse homosexuality used to be punishable by burning at the stake ... with faggots of wood...
17th-Nov-2009 12:46 pm (UTC)
Why is it that knowing the origins of the word and it's application in stitching does nothing to reduce the 'snigger factor'?

Despite 'taking it easy' with the knitting, resting, and exercise, it's not much better today and kept me awake last night.
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