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Low fat diet? Bugger that!

Promised MWNN that I'd make some

Bara Brith when we returned from the shopping yesterday. And so I did. Trouble was, the recipe in the bread machine booklet gave two different sets of ingredients, one for use in the machine, the other for using a traditional hand-made method. I think I had previously used the hand-made list in the machine - and it worked very well. The list for the machine method was given in cup measures (very unreliable). The machine took over an hour before it started the first mix, which made me very uneasy while waiting for the add fruit beep to go off. And when the stuff came out, it immediately sank. So I thought - well that's it, it's rubbish! But I had some for brekkie this morning and it was the most wonderful one I have ever tasted. Yay for the bread machine!

Good to hear that Uncle R is on the mend irishnoodles It's a pity I can't send him over some of this. He'd be back on his feet in no time.

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