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Cause I'm the taxman

The Post Orifice held a parcel ransom yesterday as the tax man was demanding customs' duty of almost 10% of the value. Bloody tax man taxes everything. He's a vampire I tell you, and not a sexy, attractive redeemed one. I very nearly said Sod it, I didn't order anything from abroad, let it go back. But MWNN went to have a look for me as I'm still too poorly, and it was from jennylyle. I'm so glad MWNN insisted on collecting the parcel and paying the duty, as inside was a fabulous painting, done especially for my birthday by a fellow boater from Oz. I love Lyle's paintings. His early style reminded me very much of Lowry (of whom he'd never heard until I introduced him to the Salford Quays Collection).

The painting is now hanging in the guest room, with the Lowry prints I collected specifically for the room when it was transformed from a study to a guest bedroom.

birthday painting

Lyle usually includes members of his family and friends in his paintings. I wonder which chook is me?

Quote for the Day
There is just one life for each of us: our own. Euripides

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