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Finished HP and the Order of the Phoenix today and, have to say, my overall feeling was one of disappointment. Not at having finished it, but in the book itself. Having waited for so long while JKR 'tweaked' it 'to perfection', I was expecting great things. Not that it was all bad, but, like a good painting, the great artist knows when to stop and does not give in to the temptation to add just one more brush stroke.

Unlike the earlier books, I was painfully aware of the author's voice, and the pc messages that were woven into the story; the bad guys hatred of half-breeds, the unequal relationship between 'master' and house-elf. But, for me, worst of all was this feeling that the book was written with the film in mind. This was particularly evident in Dumbeldore's apology to Harry in the penultimate chapter, when he gave his previously in Harry Potter speech. The only really worthwhile quote I could salvage from the book was Dumbeldore's

Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was like to be young. Even this came across as sermonising the readers in the way that his comment to Harry in the first book did not;

It is the choices we make, not the abilities we have that make us what we are." (not the exact words, I've gawn and lost it again meallanmouse

You can all throw eggs now, I'm done.

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