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Perhaps it's the weather

Taking it easy at home and looking forward to my three days at Henlow Grange I really, really, need to get into a pool and swim 3 or 4 times a day to get rid of the stiffness that seems to have infected all my joints during the very hot weather in France.

The beloved daughter and partner were going to call in on their way north, yesterday, but got caught up in the traffic problems that affected the A1 (and the M25 by the sounds of it) - all due to the Robbie Williams concert at Knebworth. MWNN and I wondered what the traffic warning was all about when we read it as we passed on our way home from Troyes last week. I thought it was they're digging up that section of motorway AGAIN problems, but, no, all because of HIM So, anyway, said daughter will not be receiving her bottle of champers or bath bombs this weekend (unless they call in on the way home from wherever they are.)

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