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It's the things we take for granted I miss the most.

The house isn't moving and yet we have a constant supply of hot water (boat engines provide this via a calorifier); I can lie, fully stretch in the bath; the fridge holds more than 3 bottles and a day's supply of food; the lavatory flushes and can be used day after day without needing to find somewhere to empty it; I can shop for more than what I can carry in the shopping trolley. - Just a few of the things I have missed during the last 3 months.

Thank you for the welcome back, my LJ friends. I'll be in touch when I am fully recovered and caught up on sleep. (It takes about a month to recover from the 'jet lag' (there's an hour's difference between the UK and France - don't mock - had a long conversation with Erica, the American we met at Corre, and she agreed with me. She believes it takes less time to recover from a 10-12 hour difference than 1-2 hour difference, and she's not wrong!)

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