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It's 2.15 Tuesday afternoon here in France. The hot weather has given way temporarily to violent storms which knocked out the boat phone for a while yesterday. When it came back, I had to enter all its security codes again and, about 3 mins later, had a call from irishnoodles other half, saying we had just called him and he was returning the call. Don't understand what happened there, probably pressed the 'ok' button on the last ten calls menu by mistake. Anyway, irishnoodles, thought the Irish outlaw was meant to be with you for RnR not gadding off to Mozart operas.

So, we leave for Blighty after a vet-stop at 5 today. I am really looking forward to my 3 days at the health farm in August after the trials and tribulations of this season. Don't know if they'll do my aromatherapy massage though; I am a mass of bite scars (mossies and spiders).

Congratulations to willowfae on passing the critical 12 week mark of her first pregnancy. We still on for our meet on 12th?

Home - you don't appreciate it until you can't be there. Having said that, I must find time whern we return here in September, to take some photos of the town. It's a beautiful little market town and is home to us here in France.
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