hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Albert Camus

Another glorious day yesterday with a bright blue sky and soft autumn warmth. Ron and I went blackberrying up on the Icknield Way. He hates blackberrying; there's not nearly enough ball-chasing involved. He did stick his head down a few rabbit holes by way of compensation and was exhausted by the amount of running he did do in the sun.

We went into town to give stuff I had cleared from the conservatory to the charity shop. Ssssssh - don't tell MWNN

On our return home, I got out the trusty Kenwood (what? It saves time and reduces the mess I genereate when baking. Just look at the stains on the 35 year old pre-Kenwood days recipe book) and made a big apple and blackberry crumble in exchange for the 'stuff' MWNN was saving 'just in case'.

Fruit crumble is now in the freezer for when MWNN returns from France.

Ron doesn't like blackberries - or raspberries - or strawberries. He does, however, like blueberries and shared my multi-berry breakfast this morning.

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