hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Wednesday 23rd July Chalons stopover.

Kept the boat bearable with the help of the fan in one cabin and the river breeze in the other. So MWNN stayed aboard while LJ and I had lunch at the riverside Grill and then went on to tour St Phillibert’s and the abbey quarter of this wonbderful Templar town.

Made arrangements with LJ to stay at her place in the Loire valley for some days on our return in September, so that she can cast her artist’s eye over the main wall hanging for MWNN’s birthday, and help me decide how to crop and mount the batiq piece I have already done. Also gave LJ a small commission to paint a watercolour version of one of my photos of Levant taken on this cruise. Will go to her on a B&B basis and be her first ‘paying guest’ as the flat above the gite she has for hire is not quite finished.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2003

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