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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Tuesday 22nd Chalons sur Soane to Tournus 
22nd-Jul-2003 05:03 pm
knitting sketch
Cruising to Tournus to meet LJ for lunch tomorrow. 2 hours cruising and the fan belt has started to slip. Oh bugger!

Was able to shoehorn in on the pontoon with facilities thanks to the efforts of the Swiss/Ozzie, Martin, on his sailing boat on its way to the Greek islands. He had lived in Oz for 15 or so years and spent much time as the skipper of a sailing clipper which took ex-cons for 5 or 6 months, on their release, for ‘rehabilitation’. When I asked him did it work, he said the youngsters were very quick to catch on to the fact that they were endangering their lives if they didn’t conform, in the winter, aboard an old boat with no modern facilities; it was their attendant social workers who gave the most trouble. Had Martin and his wife Sonia over for drinks and, yet again, found that we had met some interesting and charming people.
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