hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Wednesday 23rd July Wild Mooring to Pontailler

Into Pontailler early, before noon. Moored and set up in the woodland attached to the Marie beside the boat.
Sainted daughter phoned just as I was preparing lunch, to check that we hadn’t sunk in the violent storms that had killed 5 people earlier this morning. We have had no storm yet and when the clouds gathered, just 5 mins of moderate rain put us back inside the boat at about 3.30. This trip has been HARD; certainly not much enjoyment of the cruise when the weather has been so hot for so long.

Godzilla pulled in with 2 other Dutch barges for the night. The mystery of the relationship has just been solved; SHE (MWNN declared, on closer inspection, that I was right, she is in her early 30s, HE in his late 60s) came out looking for their little terrier who was hiding from ‘her husband’s’ singing. He set up his synthesiser and started playing, at about 8pm (I think in retaliation for my earlier guitar session! * chuckle)
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2003

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