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Quote for the Day

I'm not obsessed, I'm just highly preoccupied. Anon

I'm also a little sore. I got a little too cocky with my newly-discovered ability to walk in heels on the wedding day and decided to abandon boots in favour of shoes. I have a pair of very sturdy waterproof shoes that I started using on the daily dog walk.

Yesterday I walked Ronnie while MWNN waited for the recycling dump to change one of its containers. Coming back down the hill, after 20 minutes walking on Norton farmland, I turned my ankle on uneven ground; you know the the ankle on the leg that was smashed up in a motorbike accident; the same ankle that was broken on another dog walk on farmland; the same ankle that suffered torn ligaments falling down a river bank trying to retrieve Killer Terrier.

Moral of the story - don't diss the boots.

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