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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Corre to Baulay 
18th-Jul-2003 09:52 am
knitting sketch
Uneventful cruise to Baulay. Stopped for late lunch and decided not to move on. We had bagged the shade under the willow, having evicted the resident ‘lupe’. ( I say is was a wolf MWNN is adamant it was a domestic dog.) It behaved in a very non-dog way, shy but curious. There was a ‘stand-off’ between said canine and Killer Terrier (who was tethered to the tree); the ‘wolf’ crept behind the terrier and, when certain he was hampered by his tether, he attacked; he didn’t reckon on the ‘reinforcements’ in the shape of loony German Shepherd who was lying in the shade; she went for him, fur and hackles flying in all directions and he immediately sloped off and crossed the river.

Spent the afternoon and evening in the company of a French couple (and their cat) from Moulhouse (one of my favourite wine domains is there) They are taking their last vacation in their camper van as he (Daniel) suffers from a degenerative eye condition that will prevent him from driving ( a car, but not a boat, apparently). Their plan is to buy a boat for next year. She was fluent in French and German but had no English, so this was probably the longest conversation we have ever had conducted totally in French.
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