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Fontenoy le Chateau to Corre

Quiet, slow cruise down to Corre. Every lock was against us AGAIN and MWNN made the mistake of letting the Dutch boat who locked through the first lock with us, go ahead, so we had to wait for each lock to be re-filled before we could enter. Consolation prize- the gross pain banette from the village shop in Selles; it was a typically excellent one, fresh, craquant, light as an angel’s breath. Now the laundry and massive re-stock of provisions and diesel awaits us at Corre; - what bliss after 6 hours of working the boat in 30 degrees of heat again - isn’t this meant to be relaxing??? ( and the German Shepherd has developed a phobia about the swarms of flies that insist on invading the boat; she has learned to clamber over the front-door’s gate, which means we can no longer leave her aboard with access to the front cabin - air circulation is thus compromised by having to close the central cabin door.)

Met some lovely (and very interesting) Americans at the port de plaisance. Seth and Erica (from Calais, Vermont - they were amazed to hear that there is a Calais in France!) have just finished 5 years teaching in a women’s college in Dubai and are having a month in France before returning to the States. They have hired a cruiser with Ruth ( a 70 something great grandmother who works as a lawyer in the office of the Senator of Vermont, having given up Sociology in 1974) Ruth has as her companion her 17 year-old granddaughter who has just finished high school and is starting at the state university in Middlesex (Vermont) in September. We all trundled out to ‘Chez Max’ for dinner, and had a very pleasant evening getting to know one another’s very different cultures. Erica had kept us both fascinated earlier in the afternoon as we sat in the shade waiting for each wash load to be processed by madame capitainerie’s machines. She had explained all about Eastern music, which both she and Seth had studied while in Dubai, giving their inaugural public concert just before leaving for Europe. As a guitarist, and avid Beatles fan, I had been fascinated by George Harrison’s attempts at blending Eastern and Western music.
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