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Lock 20 to Fontenoy le chateu

Bought some more apple juice from the lockeeper at number 26; we’d had it on the way down to Epinal. This time, I got some of his fruit wine as well (desert wine - fruit wines are still made in England but I was unaware of their existence in France until we came to Lorraine); chose the rhubarb as it is one of the ones commonly to be found in UK.

Made my promised visit to the Embroidery Museum which was VERY interesting - skilled hand workers who had embroidered for the royal houses all over Europe and also the Shah of Iran. Mainly white on white work, so fine it looks like machine embroidery. Monogrammed linen and lingerie was the speciality; the foundress of the company at Fontenoy exported the skills all over the world, going to London in 1860s.

Learned all about a native of the town, Julie-Victoire, who became the first French woman ‘Batchelor’, gaining her diploma in 1861. I wonder why it has taken the French to give women parity of rights of employment and franchise when Julie-Victiore was campaigning for them so early in the 19th century? The mural on the wall in the town square reads "La Femme deviendra dans la societe tout ce qu’elle sera capable d’etre".
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