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wasting time on quizes

Apparently I am freeform writer. Individualistic with a sense for the different and challenging, Walt Whitman and his poetry lacking meter and rhyme is just what the doctor ordered. You're quick to write something that the rest of the world doesn't accept as poetry, quick to separate yourself from the average joe. An author with a true sense of self, you have confidence in your abilities and aren't afraid to show it. :) GO YOU!

Well I never knew that. Anyone who has read 'the book wot I wrote' would not recognise me here. Of course, the choices offered in the quiz didn't quite match my prefered response, so I supose I have only myself to blame for wasting my time in quizes like this today, when I should have been getting to grips with the problems of providing images for my presentation. Now, thanks to
willowfae</a> I can use webcaps converted to jpgs .

<ahref="http://quizilla.com/users/shrike/quizzes/what's%20your%20writing%20style%3f/">TAKE QUIZ</a>
To find out What's YOUR Writing Style?

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