hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Epinal Junction to lock 8

A most efficient lock up the flight of 15 locks behind "Godzilla" - a real ‘monster’ of a boat - but, unlike its namesake, very beautiful, - a rich man’s boat. Its captain was in his late 60s, white moustache, dressed in expensive sailing gear; she, I thought, was in her mid 30s (MWNN says she MUST be over 40 as she was wearing sloggi knickers (the high waisted variety - how did he know? He believes no woman under 40 wears those.) We had a lengthy discussion about their relationship. I thought ‘mistress’ ( ring on right hand only) MWNN said not mistress - they were Dutch, the Dutch are too mean to keep a mistress! MWNN said he wouldn’t mind cruising with ‘yer one’ she’s already baked fresh bread (not the pre-baked kind) before breakfast, had a great figure, long blonde hair, and handled the ropes well. I said she wouldn’t crew for him aboard a narrowboat, having been on Godzilla!
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2003

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