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Charmes to Epinal Junction

Good cruising today; locked up with Geoff and Helen and their daughter-in-law from Hell, in their brand new Linsen (think Rolls Royce of boats). Stopped for lunch (much to their relief as we are so slow) and MWNN fell asleep after his taboulet avec tete de veaux. Set off again at 3pm and, at Laone, met the travelling circus ( a common sight in rural French towns); they had lots of ‘wild animals; MWNN speculated that the largest cage was for the Shetland pony!
Passed a campsite wherein an English camper-van dweller called ‘nice to see a proper boat at last - he’s obviously from the north of England) Thought his Dutch neighbours were taking pics of the boat (we are in lots of albums and videos all over the globe by now) But no; they were capturing our two dogs who were side-by-side on the back deck, doing their ‘little and large’ act.
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