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same as it ever was
Quote for Easter ~Monday 
13th-Apr-2009 03:09 pm
Today is yesterday's effect and tomorrow's cause. - Phillip Gribble

Yesterday's Easter dinner was a triumph. I used a recipe from the book of British Food to roast the leg of lamb in honey, ginger, fresh rosemary and red wine (recipe called for cider but we haven't any). The resulting gravy was fabulously weird and went very well with the gratin potatoes, carrots and peas,and yorkshire puddings. A very good bottle of Prosecco (very dry) had absolutely no bad effect overnight.

After a walk in the sunny period promised for today, the lack of a pudding yesterday was rectified by MWNN when he returned from a swoop on Morrisons' for ciabatta with a big apple pie.

No hot cross buns have been harmed in the making of a fine Easter Weekend.

Hope you had/are having a good one.

13th-Apr-2009 05:54 pm (UTC)
Sounds yummy \o/
13th-Apr-2009 10:00 pm (UTC)
'Twas scrummy, with plenty of lamb left for today's lunch and dinner.

The apple pie was a disappointment - it was blackcurrant. I love blackcurrant but when you're expecting apple....... :D

17th-Apr-2009 06:06 pm (UTC)
Just popping in to say hello - trying to have a little bit of a catch up on what I've missed over the last couple of weeks.

Hope the hearing aid got fitted satisfactorily.

We had lamb for lunch on Good Friday (had a family dinner then instead of on the Sunday as mum was only here until Saturday) - and I could have done with some fresh rosemary. Must plant myself a new one this year to replace the one that died.
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