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Apt Quote for the Day

Let him that would move the world first move himself. Socrates

I had always wanted a daytime knitting group in my local town but nothing seemed possible as there didn't appear to be enough interested bodies. When the Library hosted an evening workshop during World Book Week, it was completely sold out and a quick count of requests for a local group indicated that there was enough of a demand for one. I made a list of interested people and Tim's Art Supplies offered a room.

This week was our third meeting.

There was an excellent turnout, with two new members, Maya and Martina joining us for the first time. We're very rapidly out-growing our room in its present configuration.

All pics can be viewed larger by clicking through the image.

Hilary brought along the wrap knitted by Alicia
itsa wrap
and kindly modelled for this photo.

Everyone seemed very busy and there was lots of interaction and help given.


Hitchin Stitchin

Only Hilary appeared to have made little progress with her WIP because she arrived late and spent much of her time making the tea and coffee.

New member Maya invited the group to take part in The Hitchin Festival in July, at the Lavender Fair hosted by the Museum and Physic Garden.

After our morning's hard work, 5 of us retired to the nearest pub, The Cooper's Arms, one of the oldest buildings in the town. I think this might become our regular lunch spot as it is only 50 yards from where the knitting group meets.
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