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Toul to Maron

Forced by another fierce rainstorm to stop at Maron, on the River Moselle. A 40 minute delay at the Villey le Sec lock put us WAY behind schedule for Richardmenil. (why the lock keeper kept us waiting so long outside an empty lock will forever remain a mystery.)

Maron is a pretty, small village with just the basics: boulangerie, bar/restaurant, presse/tabac. Most of the houses are, by French standards, very well maintained and boast the ‘arch-windowed’ style garage door so common in Lorraine. There is a road bridge across the river but no sign of the heavy goods traffic (obviously the road from nowhere to nowhere; though I doubt the inhabitants of Nancy would be happy with that description of their city!) The river is wide and sweeping and, as I write this, an evening mist is rising after the cooling effect of the earlier rain.
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