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We have just pulled into Gray after 2 days enforced idleness in the shade of some old oak trees. We pulled in on Sunday afternoon to escape the blistering heat and wait out the lock closures on Bastille Day. We were just 500 metres from a supervised 'plage' and took heed of the fact that the river is wide and slow and very clear. We all (except kiler terrier who says he is alergic to water) cooled off each day with an early evening swim, followed by much sipping of Pimms (for me) and quaffing red wine (for MWNN). This is what people think we are doing when we tell them we cruise the French waterways for 4 to 5 months each year.

There have been no boat's log entries for the past two weeks for a whole variety of reasons. Hopefully, there will be a 'catch up to date' starting tomorrow. Good to see you're ok willowfae
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