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Was it something ze did?

Left France 2 weeks ago having met only a couple of native English speaking boaters. Returned to Toul on Sunday 30th to discover the port is chocker with red ensigns. The most noteworthy boat was a fellow narowboat, captained (and crewed solo) by a fifty something lady from the north of England. She, brave soul, has just completed a 3 month solo cruise from Calais to Strasburg. Puts us to shame, it does, we've been trying for Strasburg for 4 years now (and it's defeated us again we've run out of time).

We spent Monday in Sue's company, swapping boating disaster stories, and books, and rounded a very hot 38degree+ day with a take-away from the local friterie! Tuesday was spent trying to fix the leaking galley taps (to no avail) in muchj cooler weather as the storms move across us. Now that MWNN has taken the car back to PdeV, we can cruise back. So, braving another downpour, I thought I'd update.

France is much the same as we left it. Public sector workers still striking, (though the teachers can't, it's the school holidays now)shops still closed on Mondays, and two hours for lunch, and the bread is just as good as always. Did I mention that the strawberries are fabulous this year? Well so are the mellons. Can't wait for the plums to be in season!

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