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Quote for the day

In the end cynicism is easy and futile. This was a proud and wonderful night. The achievement of millions. In every sense. Sort of makes up for the embarrassing side of being British doesn't it? We do come together well for this kind of thing. - Stephen Fry on Red Nose Day's wonderful total of £57,809,938 on the night, with a further £20m expected.

That such a total has been reached in times of Recession is truly wonderful. The comic highlights of the night, for me (I didn't watch right from the beginning), were David Tennant snogging Davina McCall, Robbie Williams in a Little Britain sketch, and Mamma Mia.

And we have the finals of 'Let's Dance' to look forward to tonight.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the wedding gear entries. Your suggestions are much appreciated and have reassured me about it being 'all right on the night.

Oh - before I forget - Happy Birthday tx_cronopio, you always manage to make me smile even on the greyest of grey days. May yours be bright and bubbly.

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