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Kicked out of one's own house

Now I know how BtVS felt! We are leaving for France again tomorrow - the house is being invaded by another lot of Irish outlaws so there is no room for us. Boy are they organised, right down to having booked both the local and London restaurants they will frequent. We are driving over to the airport tonight to leave MWNN's car for them to use during their stay. mutter, we really should think about charging them you know, at least for the household bills.

Went out to the post orifice today and the following are winging (crawling) their way to

willowfae some scrummy ASH piccies should be delivered by postie tomorrow

beth1 a package is on its way to Giles-land.

meallanmouse there is a goodies bag wending its way across t' pond.

Hurrah for Amazon Ordered a French/English dictionary of food to replace one I'd loaned to Texas Cindy (and never seen again) on Wednesday afternoon. Of course I just had to make the postage worthwhile so might have slipped in an order for Blood and Fog and Chosen. Delivery date was for 1st July but they arrived today, just after the dog-walking/post office session. Now I can go and safely order all those strange thing on French resaurant menus that do not appear in standard dictionaries AND have something to read to relieve the discipline required to persevere with Trollope.
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