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The good news and the bad

First the good - all items needed for the return to the boat are now safely delivered
*expandable boat pole to replace the nicked one
* more rope to replace that to which MWNN took an axe on the 9th
* halogen light bulbs that are not available in France
* black narrowboat fenders that are not available in France

and the bad?
Phoned my schoolchum Lesley (she who designed the title page of the book) and her lovely lurcher Rosie has been diagnose with cancer of the sort that has only a 30% chance of being successfully treated (necessitation a 4 week stay in the vet school in Paris). Lesley has had to take that terrible decision that all we dog owners face - 'when is the right time to let her go?' - Well, not just yet. The local vet (in the Loire region) has started a course of chemotherapy that will buy a couple more months of quality life for Rosie. Then . . .

Well, I hope to see them both in July when we get the boat back to Pont de Vaux.

The other bad news is that temperatures are still in the high 30s in France (bad for being on the boat) and for Lesley this has led to the problem of grazing for the horses. The fields are bereft and there is no hay to be had anywhere. Hot sunshine is not welcomed by everyone - just holiday-makers it seems!

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