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Spring is springing

and the black squirrel has ripped the bird feeder from its stand, emptied it, and flung it into the clump of flowering snowdrops.

MWNN flew out this morning to attend our nephew's second child's christening ceremony. Ronnie is very twitchy as he can't find his best buddy anywhere. He's taken up residence on the back of the sofa, waiting for MWNN's return.

on guard
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He was not impressed that we walked on the recreation ground without his ball this morning. He's skinned the top of his toes on both feet and when he gallops around after his ball, the wounds open and bleed. Gentle trotting doesn't seem to do any damage so that's the regime he'll get during MWNN's absence.

Knitting is going well. Two 'pay it forward' parcels are on their way to the first two names pulled out of a hat, and I sent a new Spring/Autumn shrug to Ireland for irishnoodles
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The thought of Spring Cleaning is filling me with horror. Just watching deborahw37's weekly schedule makes me exhausted.
Though for the day
“Inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened.” Terry Pratchett

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