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The day was fraught enough as it was! Monday 16th June

Spent the whole day securing the boat for our 10 day stay in the UK. It began at the crack of dawn when we manoevered into the place vacated by Noel and Jacqueline's boat (They are returning her to Lyon). The most secure spot in the Port de Plaisance was coveted and we were anxious to get our towels down ahead of the Germans who were there, engine reving, boat poles bristling! However, with the aid of the VHF radio, channel 6, and some diversionary tactics from Jacqueline, we slipped into place as Noel eased his boat slowly away from the pontoon.

The lengthy task of securing the boat was thus done from a position that made it very difficult to get our GSD off safely, without an early bath for us all. It was also done during a very hot day, and we had left our shady spot on the quai beside the lock. However, at 5pm, we headed off to the Vets to have the dogs treated against the deadly French parasites. That's when it happened. The GSD (Kilo) had been scratching her ear for a couple of days so, as an afterthought, I asked the vet to check it out. - Mistake - a grass seed lodged deep inside necessitated an anaesthetic for its removal; . . . now we had 32 kilos of unconscious GSD to transport to our stopover hotel in Reims. . . getting her in through a tailgate whose struts had failed provided the very real danger of being decapitated a la Madame Guillotine. I've never seen a dog stretcher before . . it was something like an episode of MASH (one of the ones directed by Alan Alda, so not a funny.) . . . quite choked me up to see her lying there all . . . unconscious and helpless. Little Killer Terrier had to travel up front in the passenger well (he vows he'll never travel steerage again . . he loved it.)

And so to Reims. Took some time for Kilo to regain her sea-legs but eventually settled the dogs into the rooms and headed for the restaurant at 10.15pm. Desolee monsieur, nous sommes ferme, . . c'est apres dix hours. Aaargh! Now, I never was a girl guide, but there, in the cooler picnic bag (with ice blocks from the boat fridge) was the makings of a feast - melon, plums, cheese, saucison sec, cold beer; the only thing missing was bread, but there was a packet of aperitif biscuits, so a good repast was had by all.
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