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Holiday Picspam - Saturday 31st Jan - Sunday 1st Feb.

Quote for the day
Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.

Picspam ahead
We arrived at our holiday cottage in Foxhall just as the sunshine was giving way to the promised snow clouds. After a quick tour of the facilities (including a lesson on how to use the pool), we unpacked and settled in for the night.

The following morning, we stocked up for the week in the local supermarket and headed into Ipswich for a spot of sight-seeing while the weather was still fine.

They've ripped out the heart of old Ipswich and seem to have thrown up property with little thought of planning of any sort. There are a few historic buildings left, and we followed the town trail in search of them.

First was the wonderful Custom House on the quayside.
Ipswich Custom House
Click through for larger options.

As we braved the bitterly cold wind, with Ronnie wrapped in his fleece-lined overcoat, we found a more.

Click through the images for larger versions.
Lord Nelson Pub
Lord Nelson, Ipswich

Victorian Bath House
Baths Ipswich
not nearly as impressive as the one at Gorton in Manchester where, in the early 1950s, I was bathed as a child and 'helped' Mum do the laundry.

Birthplace of Edith Maud Cook, England's first aviatrix.
Edith Maud Cook Birthplace Ipswich

Of course, no trip to a port would be complete without pictures of
Ipswich Marina Jan 31st 2009

Ipswich skyline is dominated by new, characterless buildings.

After a brief stop to buy gloves and a teacosy (I know, I know, there are hundreds at home), we drove back to the toasty warm cottage for afternoon tea.

Then I had my first swim in the pool, which, at 28degrees, MWNN declared was too cold for him.

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