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Ain't technology great when it works?

Spent the day on Internet and computer work. While away, and at the mercy of cybercafes, I experienced great difficult collecting mail from my main mail server. The daughter did some vodoo with her unix server down in the depths of SW London, and , lo an behold, I could now collect my mail through her facility. But, hold hard Horatio, what's this? 16 copies of the same e-mail? Someone's been at the bottle and hit return too many times? . . no . . need to change from the pop to the imap (whatever they might be!) All better now, . . except . . can't dial in the usual way, have to set up a new dial up connection, bi-passing the ISP's 'automatic' mail collection via pop. . . got it? . . . Right , so what you're saying is that Ben has some sort of connection with Glory? thwack!

Rest of the technology time, uploaded more French cruising pics. Just for you, Dot, a couple of glimpses of MWNN (I can't believe that gave you sleepless nights! - so you must have missed the Van Cleef reference on the Friday 13th log from Toul?)

A selection of the pics taken during 4 weeks of cruising.
first leg, Pont de Vaux Canal and the Saone

Soane canal section

Epinal pics - checkout the wonderful 'ball' fountain/light

Epinal to Toul
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