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Quote of the Day

Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true." - Lester Robert Bitte

Irish Outlaw take note.

Yesterday's pub, The Queen's Head, was a lovely un-mucked about with 17th century building, with wooden floors, an open log fire in the bar, flagstones in the dining room, and low beams that threatened to decapitate MWNN as he passed beneath them. The lunch was forgetable, went cold quickly thanks to the lack of heating in the dining room, and was a bit overpriced for what was basically a school roast dinner.

The Freecycled standard lamp, on the otherhand, is a lovely wooden one (c1960s but recently rewired) with a silk shade. It was worth the trip to collect it.

The fitted storage units arrived at 8.30am and the fitter is working away. By the end of the day, my room make-over should be complete.

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