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Quote for the Day

"You can think and you can fight, but the world's always movin', and if you wanna stay ahead you gotta dance." Terry Pratchett

The study bedroom is totally empty and has just enough space in which to dance after the new flooring is installed today. Every other room in the house is crammed with 'stuff', not all of which will be going back into the bedroom. Getting to bed is like navigating an obstacle course and the conservatory is unuseable as a sanctuary when the sun us out.

::Waltzes round the empty room and waits for the flooring workmen to arrive::

Did I mention that I'm almost £100 poorer today? On the way to the Tai Chi taster class on Monday, I hit a pothole at speed. It was a mighty bang and I checked the front passenger wheel after parking in the supermarket later in the morning. Apart from lots of mud, I couldn't see any damage. In the afternoon, MWNN took Ron to the common for a run and he didn't notice anything amiss.

Yesterday, I took some bags destined for the charity shop out to my car and saw that the tyre was completely flat. The man at the tyre replacement place used his trusty hammer to bang out the bent rim and fitted a new tyre. Hence the nearly £100 poorer. Goodness knows what the bill would have been had I needed a new wheel. It was close, the first (lengthy) administration of the magic hammer did not create a tight enough seal and the new tyre leaked air). The final attempt worked - phew!

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