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Still haven't managed to watch LOTR DVD that was thoughtfully procured for me for Christmas to try out my spanking-new flat PC screen. (It swivels so's I can watch from my bed or use on my desk when in work-mode.
I'm going to have to give it some serious attention before going to the local flea-pit to watch TT.)

Half-way through 'Night Watch' but was distracted by re-reading the Hopkins and pondering on the weightier things of life. Got back to it last night after a lengthy day entertaining the guests. The crumble went down very well - hot and I finally settled on custard also hot .

Still working on the presentation for the Cambridge group of the
It's coming along nicely - need some screen caps of the websites I used while researching the book. I'm having problems here. I can't save the webpage image in any format other than HTTP. I need to convert it into jpg form for the Newsletter. Short of printing it and then scanning and saving, I can't work out how to do it.

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