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Uploading photos from the first half of the French cruise

Having read some of my LJ friends' recent entries, I realise just how much I have to be thankful for. As I look through the photos I took on the cruise, the pleasurable aspects of the trip far outweigh the niggling irritations and uncomfortable aspects of being aboard.

So, for you, meallanmouse, I have posted the photos of the baker in Verdun les Doubs at work on the Feast of St Honore. I am just sorry that you cannot smell the freshly-baked bread but I hope the pics cheer you up a little.

witch_wolf this just about captures the awesome nature of the 'barrage' (weir) at Gray.

For those interested in the first waterway of the cruise (The Saone), the photos begin here, and run to 2 pages.

More pics tomorrow.
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