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Wednesday 11th Richardmesnil to Toul

Set off for Toul with the Meteo promising more storms, the strikes extending in Marseilles, Rouen and Bordeaux and riots in Paris. Through the last 2 locks on the canal de Voges, through the huge lock capable of taking the 2000 ton barges that work the steel works and scrap yards of Neuve Maisons, and out onto the Moselle proper; the water is so clear and has an almost chalky quality to it. The photos I took in Epinal clearly show the weed and fish in the water of this lovely river.

I look as though I’ve just done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, with a badly swollen right eye and left ear courtesy of the 2 mosquitoes who visited me throughout Monday night. The lock-keeper has given me some very sympathetic glances and a very warm ‘bonjour’ and ‘au revoir’, so I am sure that he thinks that my ‘injuries’ were inflicted by MWNN in some heated argument. The swelling would be much worse if I hadn’t replenished the anti-histamine pills that I’d depleted 10 days ago after the first ‘aerial attack’ to the jugular (that one left me inflamed from just under the left ear right down to the collar bone.)We really must find a permanent solution to putting mosquito screens on the windows and doors!)
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