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same as it ever was
Christmas Knitting 
15th-Nov-2008 01:43 pm
knitting for life
Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet?

Me neither. But I have just finished my 5th Christmas present project. Here be pics. Each one will open a larger view if clicked.

1. Soar Shawl - Soar Shawl, finished August 2008.

2. Gift shawl and shawl pin - Gift shawl and shawl pin, finished ONovember 2008

3. Button Hat1 - Button Hat, finished November 2008

4. First Cowl - Pooh Bear Cowl, finished November 2008

5. Blue lap blanket - Blue lap blanket, finished November 2008.

Now starting a beret to match the cowl. I adore the colour of the 'Pooh Corner' Posh merino.

ETA Wishing a very happy birthday to fenderlove

16th-Nov-2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
They all look lovely, Pat! I especially like the lap blanket. I'm never patient enough when it comes to knitting. Anything I attempt to make always looks awful! I'll have to try and knit something like that for K one of these days. Beautiful work. :)
17th-Nov-2008 10:19 am (UTC)
Thank you, C.
I'll have to try and knit something like that for K one of these day
If there were some way of getting one to you I'd add another to my 'to do' list.
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