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Charmes to Richardmesnil

Another mini-rant about the French waterways’ system of lock-keeping; Eclusier booked for a 9am start from Charmes ; it is 9.42 and still no sign, phone call to central command at Epinal tells us that we are no longer under their control but come under that in Nancy. Phone call to Nancy, phone engaged. 9.50, eclusier appears; he’s been locking up a peniche; commercial traffic has priority but, of course, no one bothers to inform the plaisenciers! There’s nothing pleasant about being on the accompanied sections of French canals; it’s like being in a holiday camp run by the Gestapo!!

It didn’t help that I have my third headache in a row yesterday that turned into a full-blown migraine in the 37 degrees we suffered. It’s still rumbling at the back of the head today, we must face 15 locks and 28 km and it’s already 23 degrees with the promise of another real scorcher.

irishnoodles tells us there is a general strike in France tomorrow and MWNN is getting even more twitchy about his appointment with her maj. of blessed memory. (Q.E.1)
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