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Epinal to Charmes

Left Epinal in hot sun; over 22 degrees C at 8.30am. Very early rise at 6.30 having slept only 3 hours; - the disco was very noisy until just after 3.30am. MWNN had ‘forgotten’ to book a lock keeper so we had to travel all the way to Charmes today whether we like it or not, in the tender care of a juvenile ‘4D-reject’ (for non-Brits reading this, 4D is the bottom class (intellectually) for 14-15 year olds.)

On the plus side, saw a lazy otter side-stroking across the canal, just as we approached the viaduct over the Moselle at the approach to the first lock (the lack of frantic paddling in the ‘not waving but drowning’ fashion of the musk rat was a dead giveaway to it being an otter, as was the flat broad tail that we glimpsed as he dived under the boat. )
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2003

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