hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

The gang's all here

I have some new photos to share, to show how well Ronnie has settled and what a fantastic little dog he's proving to be. I'll post a few here and then a link to the folder on my Flickr account.

Firstly, I took the younger daughter (S) of the neighbour, and their Chihuahua, Bobby, to meet the gang on the Common. Bobby's getting better but there's a long way to go yet. Hopefully, the school holidays will mean that Bobby can join us most days and S will gain more confidence with his training.

Bobby is at full stretch on the expanding lead, despite the fact that there's treats on offer. Ronnie does a perfect recall and sit for S and receives his share.
Untitled 4

Ronnie meets a new, timid, ladyfriend and invites her to play so politely.
Untitled 22

Is the gang all here?
Untitled 23

Ronnie seeks out new worlds.
Untitled 25

Walking on the Common with The Gang on Flickr. I hope they show what a delight Ronnie is. He's keeping me company and entertained while MWNN continues the battle against rust on the boat.


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